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Dec 04, 17   admin   0 Comment

I was a few tired of the old layout so, I ordered a new one and now the layout is online and ready! What do you think?? I really love this one and hope that you love this too. If you find errors or have suggestions for the site, please, let me know. We got […]

Sep 13, 17   admin   0 Comment

Due to some problems, we have a new url here. Now the domain of the site is so, please, keep this new one to enjoy all the updates and everything! I got some problems that I don’t want to explain here but if you want to know more, please, feel free to contact me. […]

Dec 24, 16   admin   0 Comment

Happy Holidays to everyone!!! One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You. Thanks to all the visitors of this site. Thanks for your support, your sweet comments…. I am going to try my best with this site the next year. Adding tons of stuff, photos…Any suggestions, comments….will […]

Nov 26, 16   admin   1 Comment

Finally, I have added new layouts here. I wanted to get something with the new photoshoots and here you go!!! I love the layout although I am still working on changing some thinks. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Please, write me with your comments, suggestions… Also, I need to add tons of old stuff but […]

Jun 25, 16   admin   0 Comment

Now, more than ever, I need your help to keep this site online. The past days are going hard for fansites world…Some sites are closing, not updating or thinking on close. Now, it is so difficult to get stuff for fansites and most times, you have to pay a lot. Simply, I can’t do it […]

Feb 27, 16   admin   0 Comment

Hello there! My name is Nicky and I just wat to say welcome to Alicia Vikander Central. Almost everything here is under construction and the gallery has just a few images but I wanted to open the site before the Oscar’s day to upload all the new stuff, photos… so, here we are! Please, be […]